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medical record review software built for litigation.

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precision analysis of medical records

Unparalleled accuracy in data analysis, ensuring that all medical records and related information are thoroughly reviewed and verified.

This high level of accuracy helps both plaintiffs and defense attorneys trust the information presented, fostering an environment where facts are clear and indisputable.

Medical Records Reviewed
Hours Saved
Faster vs. Traditional Methods
Increase in Correct information

Go faster with AI That Works



Medical Chronology

Arm your team for trial with comprehensive timelines, on-demand insights, and citations to source data.

Refresh your understanding of the facts as new records are collected.

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Aggregate Analytics

Leverage the power of AI to collect trusted, verified case details at scale.

Inform resolution discussions with reliable data and strategic insights.

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Case Validation

Make "go / no-go" simple.

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Case Work-Ups

Documents: Done.

Populate complaints, fact sheets, profile forms, and settlement factors directly with high quality information.

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Evaluate submitted documents vs. available evidence (e.g., medical records) for the highest quality review.

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Causality Literature

Arrive at insights from relevant literature with speed and ease.

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Leading the future

More Success Stories

Parambil’s medical chronologies and summaries are a comprehensive, efficient and cost-saving method of reviewing medically complex and high volume documents relevant to our cases.  The staff is highly responsive to individual needs with short turnaround times for production.  The chronologies are very useful from prelitigation through trial.  I would recommend them without hesitation.

Daniel Martin Hodes
Founder, Hodes Milman

Just having this tool on the market will transform our industry.

Jay Edelson
Founder, Edelson PC

Parambil picks up on things your paralegal, legal nurse consultant, and physician expert will not. This company allows lawyers to level up in every service it provides, so lawyers can focus on and do what they do best — practice law.

Benjamin Present
Attorney, Kline & Specter

Coast-to-Coast Innovation Partners

we support across the “V”

Parambil is a neutral, third-party software vendor focused on the facts.  We serve both sides of the “V”, and do not take a stake in litigation outcomes.

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Plaintiff Law Firms

Gain insights on cases and generate facts at scale for resolution

Court System

Audit dockets quickly with a neutral, trusted, third party

Defense Law Firms

Validate plaintiff firm-provided responses against key evidence

Insurance Companies

Empower and focus defense teams & experts with at-your-fingertips insights


Understand the total universe of claims and ensure reviews are of the highest quality

Litigation Finance

Audit firm dockets to ensure you are backing meritorious claims

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Zantac • Ozempic  •  Talcum Powder  •  Hernia Mesh  •  RoundUp  •  Opioid  •  Hair Relaxer  •  Camp Lejeune  •  Paraquat  •  Toxic Baby Food • PowerPort •
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Modern AI is driving a significant surge in the identification of links between products and injuries, creating a potential overload for firms and courts.

Law firms that adopt reliable, neutral, and cutting-edge technology platforms will emerge as leaders in this evolving landscape.

These firms will represent the strongest cases with the most compelling facts.

After all, time is money. As precision and investment progress, improving the internal rate of return (IRR) on cases will become an even greater priority.

The goal: select the right cases and resolve them more quickly.

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