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Revolutionize case preparation, insights, and outcomes with the AI-powered knowledge platform built for litigation.

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AI platform built by experts from leading academic and corporate institutions

Facts without frustration

High quality documents delivered with unparalleled speed

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Documents are completed directly, ensuring accuracy (no typos) and efficiency (no more copy-pasting) at scale. Skip the summary.

Customized to your template(s)

Refreshed as new information emerges

Adjustable outputs

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Results are tied to source evidence, helping all parties quite literally "get on the same page".

Hyperlinks to source pages

Evidence-based citations

Improved transparency

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Unmatched quality

In comparative reviews the Parambil platform has outperformed manual generation of results - +44% more correct results across categories, +1/3 more correct injuries.

Reduced human error

Attention to detail

Consistent quality

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Comprehensive data extraction

Parambil AI's advanced algorithms can extract and process a wide array of data types, making no case too complex.

Handwritten information

Scanned pages

Injuries across device, drug, and other case types

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Key questions, answered

  • Q:

    Identify all medical conditions the plaintiff has been diagnosed or medically treated for.

  • Q:

    List all healthcare providers where the plaintiff has received care over the last 15 years.

  • Q:

    Has the plaintiff ever been diagnosed with [injury]? When was the first diagnosis and by who?

  • Q:

    When did symptoms of illness first begin?

  • Q:

    What is the plaintiff's family history?

  • Q:

    What is the plaintiff's drug use?

  • Q:

    What are the plaintiff's allergies?

  • Q:

    What is the plaintiff's smoking history?

Accelerate litigation

Causality literature

Automatically identify relevant literature & decompose papers into relevant features to arrive at insights & conclusions faster.

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Case Validation

Seamlessly assess potential cases against specific litigation criteria (e.g., proof of use, injury verification).

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Case work-ups

Generate court-ready documents (e.g., census forms, fact sheets) with the evidence you already have.

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Case analytics

Leverage the power of your data for causality arguments, bellwether selection, and more.

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Medical Chronologies

Access on-demand summaries & queries for painless insight-generation. Experts love it.

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When you've been driving a Toyota Avalon your whole life, you don't know what it's like to drive a Mercedes. This is a Mercedes.

– Attorney, Plaintiff Firm

This tool can 3-5x our revenue. That’s a direct impact to staff bonuses and salary.

– Founder, Plaintiff Firm

This is even more accurate than the work we do today. I saw no mistakes.

– Paralegal, Plaintiff firm

Just having this tool on the market will transform our industry.

– Founder, Plaintiff Firm

The medications component alone would have saved me 3 hours on a recent case.

– Expert witness

Parambil leadership

Our team brings together clinical & statistical expertise with state of the art technology.

Chief Executive Officer

Sara Dwyer

Sara Dwyer, Chief Executive Officer of Parambil

Prior to founding Parambil, Sara spent her career at the intersection of healthcare & artificial intelligence with McKinsey & QuantumBlack. She holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Ralph Horwitz

Dr. Ralph Horwitz, Chief Medical Officer of Parambil

Dr. Horwitz is a General Internist & Professor of Epidemiology. He was previously the Head of Medicine at Yale & Stanford, as well as Senior Vice President at GlaxoSmithKline. He has spent time as an expert witness for leading products liability cases.

Founding Engineer

Liam Gordon

Liam Gordon, Founding Engineer of Parambil

Liam's background includes software engineering at Empirasign LLC & research at Mt. Sinai. He holds a joint degree in Mathematics and Economics from Emory University.

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